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Re: Borrower diagnosed C-19 Positive
Posted by PegiT_MN of MN on 6/26/20 7:29pm Msg #621445
At least he told you before you showed up for the closing, unlike the borrower I had back in late February who stood up after the closing and proclaimed "I'm so sick, now I can go back to bed, my whole family has been sick and now I'm sick". Three days later I became sick with one of the worst upper respiratory infections I have ever had in my life. I was sick for five weeks. It was before COVID testing so we will never know. My doctor thinks yes, another doctor said it was more than likely coronavirus but not the COVID-19 strain.

So yes, I learned something recently. Coronavirus and COVID-19 are not really the same thing. You can have coronavirus (which has been around for several years), but not the newest COVID-19 strain. Many people had coronavirus back late last year and early this year. COVID-19, however, came later and is deadly.

So when people say that you can recover and for some people it is like having a cold, yes coronavirus can be like that but the COVID-19 strain is the one that comes with the vent.
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