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Signature Closers - NPPI Memo
Posted by kcg of IN on 8/1/20 7:15am Msg #622619
I rec'd an email from SC explaining that there have been numerous errors on the part of the notaries re safeguarding borrower's NPPI. They list the ways these errors are happening and it is costing them lots of money to buy Lifelock for borrowers.

Here's a concept...instead of mass texts going out for $85 or less, build a base of professional agents in any given area and pay them a fair fee. If you pay your agents a fair fee, they will move mountains for you.

The memo also goes on to state that they will start billing agents for future Lifelocks they have to provide to the borrower for any violation of the NPPI. My would they know if the agent was loose with the NPPI unless it was obvious like emailing copies, etc.

I only accept maybe 5 a year from SC and that's only when they call me and pay my fee. As professional with 16 years experience, I know how to protect the borrower's NPPI. Maybe some on the newbies and underpaid agents don't really know how or even care. JMHO
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 Signature Closers - NPPI Memo - kcg on 8/1/20 7:15am
 Makes too much sense when the game is 'cheap'. n/m - Lee/AR on 8/1/20 8:01am
 IMO the owner is a techie & is more concerned with the tech -  MW/VA on 8/1/20 10:01am
 Re: Signature Closers - NPPI Memo -  Yoli/CA on 8/1/20 10:02am
 Just bluffing as an effort to prevent - StphnBayArea on 8/1/20 12:05pm
 Threats like this will lose them valuable notaries n/m - Linda_H/FL on 8/1/20 12:50pm
 Re: Signature Closers - NPPI Memo - zetetic/IN on 8/1/20 12:50pm
 kcg is absolutely correct in all aspects. Maintain a list -  Scriba/NM on 8/1/20 2:47pm
 Re: kcg is absolutely correct in all aspects. Maintain a list - pdl/cali on 8/1/20 3:15pm
 Re: Seriously - kcg on 8/1/20 4:06pm
 Yep, I agree. Classic "penny-wise, pound-foolish" thinking! n/m -  JanetK_CA on 8/1/20 7:43pm

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