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This will never work and why...
Posted by Luckydog of FL on 9/15/20 3:01pm Msg #624530
I just your entire post, which I admit I didn't this AM as too long.

" I have created a secured website on Facebook called S.A.P.O. (Signing Agents Professional Organization). Only verified Signing agents will be allowed on this site. Send me a text on MESSENGER with a copy of your CURRENT NNA Signing Agent certification. I will invite you to this secure website. YOU MUST BE A FACEBOOK USER TO JOIN."

Nobody has to send you anything to be a part of what you think is your "elite group," and not everyone believes in the NNA to get their certification which you are requiring, and not everyone is on FB. It's by choice and doesn't make them "any less than" qualified. That test is total BS and a money grab for that organization, and FB is an invasion of privacy that not everyone partakes in. Let's leave it there. How many more FB groups do youneed? Seriously.

You do realize each notary in every state has different qualifications and hoops to jump through than the next state. Some states require a title producer's license to do closings, other's you cannot do them at all, and some you need a pulse and $150.00 and good for 4 years. All are just equally as qualified because it all boils down to experience. The more invested in your commission, the more work per closing (logging), the less competition (middle of nowhere), the more money you should be making. It's not rocket science.

Don't you think if you want to form a union of Notary Publics you should have a lawyer involved, similar to IATSE or the Teamsters? You need to get dues from all, have representation who represents notary signing agents to title companies, and then all your SS's and title companies must hire through that organization? You need to find out if legal in your state, and gather support first. FB doesn't do anything.
Do you think you would actually be paid enough to cover that expense for each closing? Why would a title company hire a union notary? Are they trying to get us vacation and health insurance? what are they bargaining for?
Nope, because we are not employees and have no bargaining power. Makes no sense for any company out there to hire a union notary to pay more and another peice of our pay taken away, and not really doing anything we cannot ourselves, by saying "NO" to low fees offered..

You are complaining about the SS taking a lot of your money. Well, guess what? That's their business, pay fees, have the insurance and money to make it happen and have connections that you don't. If you don't like SS's than only work direct. Many on here have.

As far as your other complaints, I suggest you go to work a year in a title company to see all involved in getting you that package. Late docs not uploading as fast as you like is part of the process and never intentional. You take it personally.
The part where you left home and then left half your package is on you. Did you review it? Did you think that"geez, this is light? Where's my title docs?" Nope, you left, and no complaining. Hey, I did it years back, it happens to all of us. We suck it up and learn from it, right? You could have emailed and asked just as easily as them not sending it fast enough.

Look, not beating you down, but you have to realize it's part of our profession. Every job has something, and this is ours.
Forming another FB group does what? It does nothing.

Forming a union? Not sure you will ever get title companies to hire a union notary and pay way more fees, and nothing else to bargain for. It would cost a notary way more than what they would get back. jmo

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