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Re: Experiencing Late Packages?
Posted by Luckydog of FL on 11/18/20 11:11amMsg #626565
Interest rates are historically low and they are dealing with volume. We have to deal with it, it's not intentional. What I would like to see happening is they give us a heads up this is going to be late. Usually, they know hours in advance if they have the lender package or not, or waiting on the final CD's to match. They want us to bug them I guess.
My 9:00 AM is now 7:30 PM.
On my great companies, I understand and deal with it, on the offbeat companies I don't work for too often, I ask and they don't respond or whatever they say, I only ask once, I will push it back and fit it in later, or give it back.
My cut off point before I call the signers is drive time and 1 hour and let them know I do not have their package, to please call their loan officer and I will call them when it comes in hoping they are flexible.
The signers calling their LO is a great tool to use and generally produces fast results.
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