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Re: Anyone Leasing a Printer?
Posted by  JanetK_CA of CA on 4/5/21 6:43pm Msg #631019
The upside is that you have more or less consistent costs and no worries about maintenance. (Do I assume correctly that includes toner?) However, with either lease option, your total out of pocket (not even including the per-page cost) is over $7000.

And that per page fee may not seem like much, but anyone who's doing enough business to justify this type of set-up is likely doing lots of printing. Just for illustration, for someone doing 50 signings a mo, averaging 250 pages printed, that would be an additional $75/mo, if I'm understanding this right.

Seems to me you could buy a lot of printer (and supplies) for that amount - and you'd likely be depreciating it anyway. The big unknown is how effective companies are going to be at forcing us to buy OEM toner with newer equipment (and possibly drivers...) But that takes a whole other set of calculations.

Best of luck with whatever you decide!

BTW, this issue of rising toner costs (and increasing difficulty with using refurbished cartridges), may well be a good reason for fees to go up, as time goes by. It appears to be something we need to watch...
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