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Re: Electronic Journal?
Posted by  JanetK_CA of CA on 4/8/21 12:15am Msg #631065
I agree. Even when we're trying to keep things off the cloud, these days, applications and updates have a way of forcing us into it. I don't believe we yet have a safe way of electronically storing that kind of info for the time periods that are required, at least for my state, which is as long as we're a notary, then with the County Recorder for 10 years after that. As for printing it all out, I can't even imagine that!

We may get past that some day, but I believe we're still a long way from there (unless I guess, if someone has their own personal 'cloud' that they're willing to support in perpetuity...) So I guess I'll be sticking with paper journals and file cabinets...
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