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100% agree! I'd be furious!
Posted by  JanetK_CA of CA on 7/16/21 11:33pm Msg #633539
There's no excuse for that... We're responsible to protect people's private information and there's no reason that same consideration shouldn't be given us. I have no problem with a company giving out my phone number or email address - both of which I myself publish to the public - but my home address is another issue altogether for many reasons. One of them (which is the one I always tell people) is that my condo association rules (not to mention city zoning) don't allow us to run a business out of our homes that involves traffic coming into the community. There are lots and lots of others.

I'd be interested to know what their excuse is...

That reminds me that I received an email recently from Square asking me to update my address so they can add it to receipts generated electronically. I wasn't sure it was a legit email, so I wasn't going to click on the link. But I definitely DON'T want GNW clients to have my address! In this day and age, neither should assume that every person who is in business has a brick and mortar address open to the public. I'm adding that to my To-Do list to follow up on come Monday.
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