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Signing Services that won't pay
Posted by Kristy Carazolez of AZ on 7/19/21 6:02pm Msg #633618
Completed a signing on 4/29/2021 and as of today no payment for the signing. Going on 75 days of non-payment. I guess I will take her and her business to court then she will owe me for pain and suffering. Looks like a good $500-$1000 winning coming my way.
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 Signing Services that won't pay - Kristy Carazolez on 7/19/21 6:02pm
 Sorry to hear that. If you learn to check cos. out in -  MW/VA on 7/19/21 6:19pm
 Please post name & address of company n/m -  Yoli/CA on 7/19/21 6:19pm
 Re: Signing Services that won -  Cheryl Elliott on 7/19/21 7:00pm
 Getting a judgement & getting money are 2 different things n/m - Lee/AR on 7/19/21 7:07pm
 Re: Getting a judgement & getting money are 2 different things - Signerbill on 7/19/21 7:46pm
 Disagree, Signerbill. -  Yoli/CA on 7/20/21 8:09am
 No can do... - Bear900/CA on 7/20/21 8:59am
 Re: Signing Services that won -  Cheryl Elliott on 7/19/21 8:31pm
 Re: Signing Services that won - sue_pa on 7/19/21 10:08pm
 Re: Many have been stiffed before you - Carolyn Bodley on 7/20/21 8:00am
 How much time and effort did you lose? - Bear900/CA on 7/20/21 9:02am
 Easier said than done - Luckydog on 7/20/21 9:19am
 PS even if you got the judgement - Luckydog on 7/20/21 9:23am
 Please share the name of the deadbeat SS that stiffed you -  Cheryl Elliott on 7/20/21 10:00am
 On the headline - Luckydog on 7/20/21 6:56pm

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