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Usual and customary fee for seller's package ...
Posted by  Yoli/CA of CA on 7/20/21 11:49am Msg #633642
Has it ever happened to you that a hiring party tries to get you to agree to a lower fee because "it's only a seller's package?" True, they're usually smaller packages (less pages). However, signing services generally get their usual fee. Why can't we?

For instance, I have a seller's package coming up for Wednesday. It's a good SS that I love working with. I quoted scheduling my base fee. She had to get it approved ("as they typically pay $100 - $125 for a seller package") and would call me back if okay. I did hear back. I get docs today. Settlement Statement shows SS getting $600 for this signing. At that rate, I'd hazard a guess that this SS is handling both the sellers and the buyer. Still, they're making a good portion of the fees, IMO.

Newbies, take note. Formulate and stick to your professional fees. Smile

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