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Title365 *icking NSAs around?
Posted by Kellosh/CA of CA on 5/11/22 1:21pm Msg #640010
Late last fall, Title 365 asked me (assuming all NSAs) to sign a new agreement and list their rates for a few different types of signings. I listed my rates, which are slightly higher than their typical, but lower than I was asking at the height of COVID. Usually what happens since is that I accept a signing, then I message their agents through the app and ask them to adjust my fee to what we've agreed to last contract. This has been done without question up until about a month ago. Since, they've been fighting me on each signing, asking for the justification for the higher rate. I usually say "this is the rate we have a signed agreement on" and it was pushed through. The last few signings though, I've gotten a message saying not to accept an assignment unless I'm willing to take it at the default rate. They immediately cancelled me this morning after I pushed back telling them we had an agreement which states I will receive X, and that living on the west coast it's unrealistic to expect notaries in this area would accept the same rate as someone living in, say, Oklahoma or Arkansas.

Is this just me, or has anyone else had increasing friction from them to pay what they'd already agreed to pay? I'm on the edge of withdrawing from them, but they currently make up about 25% of my income, and with things being so slow, I can't really afford to take another hit like that.
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