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What solutions do we have
Posted by SC/CA of CA on 8/2/22 11:42am Msg #641581
in combating Climate Change? What are the global solutions for this global problem? What are the local, personal solutions?

Beyond blaming, where can we constructively put our energy in personally working toward solutions?

Do we look toward Indigenous ways to fight fire? What organizations, people, podcasts, books, etc. provide guidance that may be helpful? What actions can we personally take to make a difference?

Perhaps if we share our thoughts and ideas (and even inspiration, as it's a bummer topic!) we can spread constructive thinking and personal project ideas for ways to help that might work for us individually.

A recent article on accelerating climate change:

Scientists say it’s time to prepare for human extinction by Gwyn Wright

Some excerpts:

Facing a future of accelerating climate change while remaining blind to worst-case scenarios is naive risk-management at best and fatally foolish at worst.

Scientists say global warming could become catastrophic for humanity if temperatures rise by even more than they are predicted to, or if heating sets off chains of events that have not yet been predicted.

Paths to disaster are not limited to the direct impacts of high temperatures, such as extreme weather events.

The team wants new research to focus on the “four horsemen” of the climate endgame: famine and malnutrition, extreme weather, conflict, and vector-borne diseases.

They are calling on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to compile a report on catastrophic climate change in a bid to galvanize research and better inform the public.

Lead study author Dr. Luke Kemp from the University of Cambridge said: “There are plenty of reasons to believe climate change could become catastrophic, even at modest levels of warming.”

Researchers need to better understand tipping points that could spark disaster- such as melting permafrost that releases methane, the loss of forests that store carbon and even cloud cover, the team argue.
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 What solutions do we have - SC/CA on 8/2/22 11:42am
 I'm so sorry. Please ignore this and refer to JP. - SC/CA on 8/2/22 11:52am

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