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Re: NC Title Application - Signature line predated?
Posted by  JanetK_CA of CA on 1/25/24 9:26pm Msg #647637
This MAY depend on your state law, but in my state, at least, I don't care what date is on the *signature line* for an Acknowledgment because the person can sign the document in advance, and then acknowledge before me that they did, in fact, sign the document presented. So I wouldn't have a signer change that. Notary certificates, however, must always have the correct date, or that is considered back-dating, forward-dating, and yes, fraud. Penalties here are significant.

Maybe the NNA hotline person didn't understand the situation or wasn't listening or... who knows. (I would never trust them for correct information.) If unsure about the law in your state, I strongly recommend contacting the agency that issues notary commissions, or search your state's Notary Manual, which I believe is available online. (And keep that bookmarked for future reference.)

BTW, in my state, a jurat must be signed in my presence, so the dates should match. However, on the rare occasion when someone has signed a jurat in advance, I just have them sign it again in my presence (usually just above the existing signature, which I have them leave alone). If the signature is dated, I have them add the current date by the new signature.
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