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We all have to acknowledge that there is no valid reason to
Posted by  Cheryl Elliott of CA on 3/19/24 10:19am Msg #648023
accept these horribly insulting offers.

Cost of gas went up 50 cents per gallon yesterday
Cost of paper has been increasing steadily
Cost of toner on the rise.

Everything we do costs more money these days. I wish everyone would boycott these companies.

This is why I've gone to more straight notary work, insurance inspection work, and spend more time in hospitals, assisted care facilities and law offices. I don't have to print and use all my own supplies. It is a powerful shift in focus, marketing, and finding more meaningful, beneficial work sources. Printing these huge packages, then faxbacks for so little money doesn't make for a positive, profitable business model. These companies are still makinig all their money, they've cut back staff so fewer resources on their end. Why should notaries be working for peanuts????
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