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Re: Renewing Coffee Site
Posted by Anna Fox of TX on 6/6/24 4:28pm Msg #648584
I agree @Steve. Its not much, and I don't think anyone could make a living off it, but it outweighs the cost.

Unfortunately that's a bit like a few of these sites, one job pays the fee, but you may only get that one job once a year. Tough call.

Im happy enough with the extra work these sites bring in, but it's just not enough for a person to live off of in this market. Hopefully 2025 brings us a refreshed economy and lower interest rates.

I live in the 7th largest metro in US, with what was once one of the fastest growing RE markets, and even if I took every single lowball job that came up across all the sites I am registered, it would not be a living. Admittedly I don't pay for premium top tier on many, but right now I don't see how this could be anyone's only full-time income. Some weeks its only one or 2 offers and when they're lowballs at $50, $65 the math doesn't work in our favor.
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