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Thoughts on this please
Posted by MI_Notary of ? on 5/12/05 8:36pm Msg #37412
I did a signing on 4/19/05. I got an email last night from the ss requesting I send in 2 Acknowledgements and 2 Jurats to them via FedEx Overnight right away. They further stated that these documents had to have the borrower’s full name Jane Ann Doe. The original signature only had Jane A. Doe as that was what was printed on the documents. I told them that I do not send these types of documents without attaching them to the originals. I mean how can I guarantee they are being attached to something I witnessed?? The ss said they could fax the documents to me and I could use them to attach to. When I received the faxed documents, they each had the signature I witnessed (Jane A. Doe), while also having another signature on them with her full name (Jane Ann Doe - which I did not witness). It appeared they had resent the documents to her, had her sign them again (without me there) and expected me to just send in the requested Acknowledgements and Jurats. When I receive the faxed copies and noticed the additional signature, I called the ss and told them I could not do as they requested because I did not witness the second signature. I further told them I would be happy to take the documents to her, have her sign my attachments in her full legal name and notarize those. They told me they would get back with me. However, I haven't heard back from them. BTW - I was told it was no error on my part and it was to correct a processor's typing error. I was also told that the loan would be unfunded if I did not comply. I asked how could a loan unfunded?? Were they going to ask for the money back from the other mortgage company?? Either way, I was not going to say I witnessed the second signature when I didn't!! I am not going to jail or losing my notary license for such a thing!! Do notaries actually do this?? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. (Please excuse any typos and/or spelling errors as I am really tired).
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