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Replying to all...
Posted by Susan in CA of ? on 5/13/05 6:49pm Msg #37627
Thank you all so much for all your help. It is a very tricky document, I agree! It is two pages, the first page is all the blah, blah, blah, three paragraphs long but it has on the 1st line "oath". That is what confused me. The second page has the wording (which is not correct for CA) and that had the word acknowledgement in it.
After I stepped away I went back and re-read the 2nd page again. It is a acknowledgement, just like Teri said. I wish I would of found the post from Teri before I panicked.
Again, Thanks a million!!
Colleen, Did a SS call you about a hour ago for a quickie in Oxnard. It was for 5pm, I didn't know weather you could do it or not but I gave her you number. That's the 3rd call in two days, I must be on a roll.............or not
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