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Re: nubee has a question
Posted by  PAW_Fl of FL on 5/15/05 4:33pm Msg #37966
I would not put my "license number", nor my commission number on my business card for two reasons: (1) this number is not needed by the general public and (2) I don't want to make new business cards when I renew my commission.

As for wanting your license number for a Yahoo group, I personally would not supply it. BTW, which Yahoo Group is asking for that information? (Certainly not the SigningAgent group that I moderate!)

<< Clarification of (1) above. If someone requests my services, they are entitled to know my commission #. It is part of our seal, so they get it whether we like it or not. But I don't generally make it available to the masses. That's what I meant about the "general public". >>
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