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Re: Quote of the day!
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 3/27/19 6:27pm Msg #72383
"She will be left alone when she realizes that she lost and leaves US alone."

What exactly is she doing other than occasionally expressing her opinion? The last time I checked the First Amendment, that was still allowed. Are you saying she should not be allowed to express her opinion? She really has no other involvement in politics at all at this point. The haters want to see her punished, but they can't articulate what it is she should be punished FOR.

"And, please do not forget that this woman's incompetence and need to protect her privacy put this country at great risk. And you lefties have the cojones to accuse Trump of treason."

Oh, please - Trump's kids used private email accounts after starting to work in the WH as senior advisers, even though they were told not to. There are reports that Trump was livid when he found out what they were doing because it was exactly what he had accused Hilary of doing. Kushner is also known to have used an encrypted messaging app while working for the WH, which also violates national security policy.

And for at least the millionth time, I am not a leftist, a socialist, or a communist - you insisting that I am one does not make it so. Would you like it if I started calling you a racist, a fascist, or a white nationalist? I can do that - I can even cycle through them, changing my characterization of your political beliefs based on the content of your posts. Your choice.

And as far as claims of treason are concerned - other than the fact that treason, as defined in the Constitution (you have read that document, haven't you?) does not apply in this situation - is it your position and belief that Trump's detractors should not accuse him of treason, but he can accuse THEM of treason? Because that's exactly what he did yesterday. Your argument sounds a bit one-sided.
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