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Re: How sad it must be . . .
Posted by bagger of IL on 5/10/19 9:56am Msg #72467
OK, I'll call your bankrupt casino's.
But I raise the fact that today, he is estimated to be worth around 3 Billion.
Maybe he had the foresight to see AC's problems, but he comes out of it worth $3B.
Have you ever made a bad investment?
I have! LOL, I laid a chunk of change down for Steak & Shake.
I also bought Cisco a Loong time ago.

Sorta like playing blackjack.
Your at a $10 table and lose $500.
Trump is in the high stakes room and down $2M, but comes back and is up $3B.
High risk, high reward. Gotta love capitalism.
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