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Re: Overstuffed penguin?
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 6/9/19 5:38pm Msg #72548
"Donald Trump is far and away the most successful fraud in history, outpacing even Charles Ponzi by many lengths."

I was referring to actual success in business, but I take your point.

But he takes it beyond Ponzi and into PT Barnum.

Look at the threatened tariffs against Mexico. Setting aside the fact that the man - an economics major in college - still cannot grasp the concept of how tariffs actually work, he created a problem where there was none. People got upset, the stock market was in freefall for a couple of days, and then - at the last minute - he announced that a deal was made to avoid the tariffs. And he's the hero, having solved a problem that he himself created.

Except that the NYT reported (and it has been confirmed by other media organizations) that his solution was actually agreed to back in December. The tariff threat was never real - he created an imaginary problem, and then solved it. And the MAGAts cheered him and called for four more years of this insanity.

This way to see the egress...
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