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"Deep Fake" videos
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 6/12/19 5:49pm Msg #72549
Saw a disturbing article today about faked videos. In response to Facebook's refusal to take down the obviously faked videos of Nancy Pelosi, which were an amateur effort, someone posted a video on Instagram of Mark Zuckerberg that is what's called a "deep fake" - it's Zuckerberg's face and sounds like his voice and his lips appeared to be moving properly to say the words most of the time. but it's not real. You had to watch it REALLY closely to detect minor discrepancies, and unless you compare it with the actual original video (in this case, a video from CBS), for the most part, you can't tell the difference.

This means we're entering an age where we can't necessarily trust what we see unless we're really vigilant.

I'm going to try to embed the Zucckerg video below. Chris said he was having problems with that, so if it doesn't work I'll add a message with a link.

There was also a reference in the article about another deep fake that was done just for fun - comedian Bill Haser of SNL dad an impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his face morphs into Arnold's. The software to do this is available free on the Internet. Again, trying to embed and if that fails the link to this one will be the following message.

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 "Deep Fake" videos - MikeC/TX on 6/12/19 5:49pm
 Re: "Deep Fake" videos - bagger on 6/13/19 5:49am
 Re: "Deep Fake" videos - MikeC/TX on 6/13/19 10:28pm

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