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Well, it's okay for now...$90 and print 30 or so pages
Posted by  Cheryl Elliott of CA on 3/14/19 4:37pm Msg #604333
I didn't have to invest in any new equipment, I already was equipped. I like the Pavaso hybrid signings, they are a piece of cake.

It's an easy process. But like you, I'm seeing the roll of toilet paper getting thinner and thinner. Fees have dropped tremendously. Companies' owners and escrow officers are abusive, uncaring, as they aren't making any money either, not like the good ole days.

Meanwhile the market is flooded everywhere with folks looking for the latest gig hustle, and to boot, they lack training and/or experience.

I once was very challenged and motivated to do this business against many odds, but the odds are outweighing the benefits, and I'm with you, Jack, retirement is looking better and better. I've got a house to rebuild that burned in 2017 in the Thomas Fire, and I'm selling my current home this year. These activities are way more attractive to me that trying to compete with hourly mindsets, and certainly more profitable and beneficial.

What I got out of years, decades of hard work is a poke in the eye, no pun intended. The stress of this business in the last couple of years has taken a toll on my health and my eyesight, but not my vision and I see a lot more opportunities for fun, relaxation, and personal satisfaction in managing my assets than in competing for bird seed with a flock of hustlers.
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