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Re: That
Posted by  JanetK_CA of CA on 3/14/19 11:17pm Msg #604342
"The cos. figured that since there was less paper to print our fees should be less."

I'm not convinced that they ever really believed that. More likely, they just believed that they could convince enough notaries to believe that to get away with lowering the amount they'd have to pay - and it seems to have worked... Grrrr

I agree with the rest of the post above, though. I also agree that retirement (from NSA work and perhaps all notary work) is looking better all the time. In spite of the risk of remote notarizations conducted in centralized locations by employee-notaries taking over a major chunk of all notary work nationwide, certain entities are still actively marketing for new people to get into this field. Earlier this evening, I was winding down with a web based computer game that has ads, and I was hit with a promo video by XYZ about becoming a notary. It was a series of quick statements by notaries about all the benefits of being a notary public. I'm sure it was taped at one of their conferences... Frown Thankfully, I was able to skip past it after a few seconds!
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