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Fax Back Issues
Posted by  Joan Bergstrom of CA on 7/21/11 11:43pm Msg #390568
I don't understand, all the issues with "fax back docs" to different vendors?

Is the issue money (probably) or not having a "fax back capability" or just annoyance in having to fax back?

I have a dedicated fax line (yup! old school since 2002) so it is easy for me to put the fax back docs in my MFC Brother 8860 and hit the button.

I pay AT&T approx $ 30- $35 per month for this dedicated line and I actually have a telephone with this machine . I don't have a land line at my office.

Most of the faxed back docs I do per month are the 5-6 packages that I do for the annuity companies like JW Wentworth/etc and they require the entire 25-30 pages faxed back immediately after the signing and new home loans closings in the Inland Empire that require fax backs.

My question is: if you sign up with a company like, can't you just scan and send faxes for around $10 per month?

I think the $30-$35 I pay per month is an indulgence on my part and I am not going to change my fax from AT&T because I am comfortable with it and willing to pay the price per month.

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