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Re: Fax Back Issues
Posted by Lee/AR of AR on 7/22/11 12:02am Msg #390579
Speaking for myself (& probably others, too):
1. Have old working fax...can't rationalize replacing in slow market.
2. Can't drop on way home so must make 'extra' trip to drop after faxing.
3. Faxing frequently can't happen until all appts. are completed, delaying the drop 'til the next day.
4. Low population/volume area--unnecessary expense.
5. No matter how fast, automatic it is, it's still more labor/time spent that they generally don't want to pay for.
6. Don't want add'l expense of dedicated line and faxing ties up line for quite a while with a large package.
7. The constant downward trend of work/fees & corresponding increase in time/costs.
8. Yes, the annoyance factor....for something they probably don't need and may not even look at until they practically have the originals in their hands.
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