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Laugh of the day
Posted by Buddy Young of CA on 3/20/17 3:03pm Msg #572238
About a month ago I recieved a call from Signing Stream. I just happened to be sitting at my computer so I could look them up real quick. Oh boy , good ole 1 1/2 star company.

Scheduler " We have a refi signing in Corning ( 25 miles south ), we require full package fax/scan backs to check for errors. Because of the distance we will pay $60 for this job.

Me: lol, chocking, coughing. " I wouldn't go across the street for $60"

Scheduler " But we can offer you a lot of volume"

Me " volume won't do me any good if I'm not making any money, call someone else . " click

No wonder they require full package scan/fax backs, anyone taking this job surely won't know what they are doing.

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