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Fees in Georgia
Posted by WillieS of GA on 1/11/18 3:40pm Msg #588621
According to Georgia law for notaries:

45-17-11. Fees of notaries.
(a) The fees of notaries public shall be as follows:
(1) Administering an oath in any case ...................... $2.00
(2) Each attendance on any person to make proof
as a notary public and certifying to same ...................... $2.00
(3) Every other certificate ........................................... $2.00
(b) It shall not be lawful for any notary public to charge a greater sum than $4.00 for
each service performed. Said sum shall include a fee of $2.00 for performing the notarial
act and a fee of $2.00 for an attendance to make proof as a notary public and certifying to
same if such certification, which shall be issued by the clerk of superior court of the county
in which the notary public was appointed or the Secretary of State, is required. Registering
shall be paid for by the party who has the service performed. The fee for all official acts
which the notary may perform shall be the same as those prescribed for other officers who
are likewise permitted to perform them.
(c) A notary public need not charge fees for notarial acts.
(d) A notary public shall inform the person requesting any notarial act, prior to
performing the act, the fees permitted for each act.

Does this mean this is all I can charge??? I am confused on the fees. (New at this)
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