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Regarding the video link,while researching ways to expand my
Posted by  Christine/OK of OK on 2/13/19 10:03am Msg #603168

Regarding the video link, while researching ways to expand my business to include VA work I came across a “training program” that stated it contained all that I was looking. It also stated throughout all presentation materials & videos that there was a FULL, MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, no questions asked. I didn’t realize at the time that I was encountering a SCAM ARTIST offering this training.

• Discovered the training program sold to me was not available

• A ‘bait and switch’ technique ensued by the scam artist

• This training was paid for through PayPal who investigated and agreed that the program sold to me was still not available months later and that a ‘bait and switch’ had taken place

• The ancillary training programs were sold by friends of the scam artist & PayPal provided a full refund for those programs as well at the same time

The video that luckydog the self-proclaimed queen of mean Msg #517837 has in her blackmail note above is the scam artist TEACHING her current students HOW TO SCAM other potential students and techniques to utilize in those scams.

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 Regarding the video link,while researching ways to expand my -  Christine/OK on 2/13/19 10:03am
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