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Posted by Luckydog of FL on 2/13/19 10:40am Msg #603173
For those of you not remembering 2014, I own all of it. For your enjoyment, I encourage you to read the drama,Msg #517837 and get your popcorn ready like Clem was a doosey! I have said some mean things, and mean things were said about me. It takes two to tango, and goes back before that post. It happened, and we can all own it, rehash it and laugh over it. It's past history.
None of us were very nice to each other back then, and shortly after that, Stoli and I apologized, talked on the phone, made amends and are friends. It's sad she is not with us much anymore, but if she is, I invite her to come on and confirm what I say.

Unlike Christine, people change, admit to mistakes, own them, learn from them and do take advice- eventually. We all have personalities and deal with things in life that can affect how we come across, handle emotions. I had a few rough years personally and things I had to deal with.
I am not proud of how I was back then, but I own it, it happened, it's in the past. What is important is that we move forward, we all survived and still here.

...And to make it clear, I never begged Christine to come in and defend me against the bullies. Heck, if I was the "Queen of Mean" back in the day, why do I think Christine would defend me? Makes no sense, nobody is bullying me, never felt bullied recently, and have no idea of what she is talking about. That's her schtick.
I am perfectly capable of handling my own on here.
I have no hidden agenda on here, I tell the truth, I am pretty straight forward, and try and be funny to lighten it up when possible.

I attribute Christine to that stray cat nobody feed it once (give a compliment about crocheting) and it follows you home and sticks to you like glue. I never asked for Christine to post after every comment I made, and we were never the dynamic duo as she wanted to make it seem. She clings to people who are nice to her or stronger people who think will protect her. I was nice to her, we emailed and I tried to bring her along a bit so she could change her ways on the forum and not get the boot again, but then she turned on me as she did all the others. I do not carry a grudge or harbor resentment. It a choice and a terrible way to live and bad for your health.
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