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In-person deposition guide
Posted by NewPhoenix of OH on 3/13/19 1:06pm Msg #604308
I was called on to do one of these here in Ohio a few years ago. It was basically like you said, I swore everyone in and then sat there (in case I was needed for something else) while someone else conducted the deposition. I don't remember doing anything at the conclusion but it has been a while.

just a few weeks ago I was asked to sit in on a court case over the phone. They didn't call "my" witness until about half-way into it so I had to sit there for 2 1/2 hours until the called him and then I swore him in. Usually they swear everyone in at the beginning and then I can leave.

Other times I am just asked to identify the person by their drivers license and that's it. For these they will ask for my state Commission Number.

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