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Re: SD: Okay, I
Posted by Lee/AR of AR on 6/18/19 4:53pm Msg #607607
25 or more years ago, I (out of the blue) accepted a signing for $50. It was just down the block and docs were o/n and it was maybe 30 pages. 2nd one was about a week later (same co.- SOX--who became infamous for low and no pay a few years later). But this time they wanted me to go about 40 miles one way, so I said 'No, thank you'...and they asked what I'd want to do this and I just threw out 'Uh...$200' (because I really didn't want to drive that much). They said "OK". And a negotiating monster was born! While there have always been cheap companies, seems to me they all climbed on the SD train(wreck)...or, at least, are trying to see how low people will go. And, sadly, with newbs, it seems to be working.
The best advice I can give is: Do your homework and calculate both your expenses & drivetime for every place you are willing to go (you may even want to guesstimate this amount by county as some want it that way--go to the high side!)
imho, $25 print fee gets you up to a 125 pg pkg, plus add'l $5/25 add'l pgs. Add your $$/hr required...and learn to adjust on the fly for the variables--# of signers, faxbacks, collect junk & remember, the larger the pkg, the longer you'll be at the table. That original $50? Is now & has been the rock bottom minimum--even for 1 pg. across the street. Note that there are as many ways of 'calculating YOUR fee' as there are NSAs...and they all have their rationale for doing it 'their way'.
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