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so annoying
Posted by  canotaryhere of CA on 8/9/19 11:59am Msg #609237
did a signing for a correction of a mistake by title 3 weeks ago. They had put incorrect info on original docs that another notary had done (not the notary's mistake). Anyway I get an email that said a signature page was missing. I wouldn't have notarized a signature that wasn't there nor would I have omitted a page. I do however attach a loose acknowledgement form to the signed document as the SOS requires. Anyway, the document that was sent to do the correction on doesn't even have the same signers names on it. It has 2 completely different names. Emails and phone calls to company have received no response.
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 so annoying -  canotaryhere on 8/9/19 11:59am
 That's pretty scary... -  Cheryl Elliott on 8/9/19 12:17pm
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 Re: cashiers checks..... -  garland/CA on 8/9/19 1:57pm
 LIKE!!! -  Cheryl Elliott on 8/9/19 2:14pm
 It sounds like they got the files mixed up. Mistakes happen -  MW/VA on 8/9/19 2:23pm
 Re: so annoying -  JanetK_CA on 8/9/19 2:45pm

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