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Re: Two receipts or one inclusive form
Posted by  JanetK_CA of CA on 10/8/19 10:31pm Msg #610909
For GNW, I don't use a separate form, but I itemize notary fees apart from any other charges on a separate line on forms I created for myself in Word. (It's a table with multiple columns for what I like to include, and enough rows to itemize.)

For loan signing, much of what we do is unrelated to actual notary work. We generally quote fees at a flat rate, so I don't usually separate those out, I just list what I consider 'scope of work', which does not mention number of notarizations. That's like doing the notarizations for free, but charging the client for everything else, like printing, driving, facilitating the signing (for docs that mostly don't get notarized), possibly scanning, and then dropping with shipper.

I suspect most of us here do something similar.
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