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You are correct Re: Non payment?
Posted by TxFox of TX on 6/7/24 2:36pm Msg #648597
You are correct sometimes they don't have information correct. Except when they do, and you have verified they do.

And you're right we all make mistakes. I agree. Where I personally have frustration is when clients don't respond to multiple inquiries about their missing payment.

Most all the professionals here jump thru hoops to make sure our signings are timely and accurate so that our clients lifetime events go thru as seamless as possible. We double and triple check docs so a family's home sale goes thru.

It is not asking too much for a working email. Or a response. Or a call back. Or payment for services rendered.

Re: ZigSig, I have now received response from them after posting in the forum regarding my payment delay, and Title is now responding they made payment. Title stated they had sent to wrong address for ZigSig. I am not sure if ZigSig changed addresses in addition to changing Domains.

I believe Title is re-issuing ZigSig payment. I do not know why no one answered until I had come onto forums asking for assistance.

ZigSig has also informed me their payment terms are not pay in one day. It has been over 30. I will update upon receiving payment.

However, considering the time the signing took and the hoops for that signing not withstanding, hours spent on collections is lost money for all. At low margin signings, there is not a budget for chasing payments.
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