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To Whomever added ZigSig to Signing Central and linked ...
Posted by  Yoli/CA of CA on 6/9/24 9:42am Msg #648606
Where did you get your information? Signing Central (SC) is meant to provide information on hiring parties (TCs, SSs, law firms, etc.). NSAs depend on SC to provide as-accurate-as-possible data to make an informed decision as to whether to work with a company or not. The info I found is different from what appears on SC.

First of all, ZigSig is a platform. It is not a hiring party. It is not a title company nor is it a signing service. Hiring parties use that platform to find a notary for any given assignment. ZigSig provides similar services to SigningOrder, SnapDocs, SigningAgent. These platforms are directories of notaries. Some of those platforms also provide a means for hiring party to upload docs and also provide a means for hiring party to pay notary. In this latter function, the hiring party remits payment to the platform and, in turn (after that payment clears platform's bank), the platform then pays the notary.

Secondly, Adam Babish is the owner/founder/president of ZigSig. Adam is also the owner of ProLink Signing Service. He is based out of San Jose, CA. From California SOS on ProLink:

Initial Filing Date 01/02/2014
Status Active
Standing - SOS Good
Standing - FTB Good
Standing - Agent Good
Standing - VCFCF Good
Entity Type Stock Corporation - CA - General
Principal Address 401 CHESNUT PARK COURT
SAN JOSE, CA 95136
Mailing Address PO BOX 18945
Statement of Info Due Date 01/31/2023
Agent Individual
SAN JOSE, CA 95136

LinkedIn listing on ZigSig: They're also on Facebook. Most common phone number I found for them is 408-362-1957.

Finally, if you're not receiving payment from a platform and you're on direct deposit with them, first find out from the hiring party if they've remitted payment to platform on your behalf and what was the method of payment and what date. Next, ask them if that payment has cleared and request proof. Once you have the proof of payment in your hot l'il hands, then you can approach platform and demand to know where your payment stands.

Platforms may be a convenience to hiring parties but they can be a pain for notaries not only on being the first to accept a blast assignment, but mostly when it comes to payment. Now if the hiring party is not using vendor pay/direct deposit, then the notary's payment will come directly from the hiring party.

What prompted this long post: SC shows ZigSig in TX. I don't believe that's accurate. SC also shows ZigSig is not paying. While that may be true, is ZigSig not paying because they haven't received payment for that job from the hiring party or they're still waiting for payment to clear? Dunno.

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