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Re: I have paid $25 or $50 depending on the circumstances
Posted by  Teresa/FL of FL on 6/5/24 7:38pm Msg #648572
I don't like having to provide witnesses, but will agree to do so as long as the compensation for the witnesses is added on top of the fee I am charging. If it's one or two documents, $25 will usually suffice. If it's a full estate planning package with multiple docs requiring witnesses, including a Will or a POA, and/or is in a hospital or skilled care facility, $50 is a better fee since more time is required. It's important to determine ahead of time if a Will is included because a Will (at least in Florida) normally requires notarization of the witness signatures so this would eliminate using any of the notary's relatives as witnesses.

Sometimes one of my friends is available and will ride along with me or meet me there. Other times I have posted in a Facebook notary group and have had another notary meet me at the signing location. Newbies appreciate the opportunity to see how a seasoned notary handles a document signing so it can work out even though it means extra time to coordinate the signing.

If I am paid at the time of signing, I pay the witnesses immediately. If I am paid at a later date, I pay the witnesses later, but within 15 days (even if I haven't received payment yet). Occasionally I will have the signer pay the witnesses instead of funneling the payment through me. I require the witnesses to complete an W-2 form before I will issue payment. I have not yet paid any one witness $600 in a one year period, but want to make sure I am not liable for the taxes on this income since it is actually an expense for me.
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