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To all the Newbee's
Posted by Buddy Young of CA on 6/2/12 12:01am Msg #422437
The reason seasoned notaries get a little put out by newbee's questions is that we hear these questions on a regular basis.

1. How do I get work?
2. Give me your client list?
3. How do I become a signing agent?
4. How much do I charge?
5. Can you set up my business for me?
6. How soon can I expect to make a 6 figure income?

I'm only going to say this once and all newbee's questions are going to be directed to this message.

The only advice I recieved was "sign up on a place called notary rotary"
you've done that so you've taken the first step to building a business.

1. Read message 33325

2. Write a profile here on notary rotary.

3. Familarize yourself with loan documents. You can do this by becoming certified. There are several places online who offer these classes and certification.
Experienced Notaries don't need to be certified because they know loan docs inside and out.

4. Order business cards here on notary rotary. They have very high quality cards at a reasonable price.

5. Pass out your business cards to all the real estate offices, banks and title companies in your area.

6. Go to signing central and sign up with all the 3 star and above rated companies. This will take weeks.

7. Reread message 33325

8. Go to the begining and read everything written on this forum. You will get a wealth of information.

9. Building a business will probably take at least a year, so in the meantime move back in with your parents.

10. By the time you build your business you will be antediluvian, and suffer from dotage.

11. Reread message 33325.

Any seasoned notary feel free to add anything I left out.

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