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$1,000 Luxury Notary Service?
Posted by ABC Legal Docs, LLC - Jerry Lucas of CO on 5/15/18 11:18pm Msg #593304
A brand new California notary, Nick Greene, has registered the website He plans to charge the allowed $15 notary fee plus a $1,000 luxury fee for wearing a tuxedo, playing classical music, and serving cheese, crackers and champagne, in a fancy office with a fancy pen.

Seems like a bargain! Can I keep the pen?

He wrote an article about it for, published on May 14th, at His target market is a "rich dope in the San Francisco Bay area". Nick is a contributing writer and has written 6 articles for Vice in the past year.

I don't know this notary/writer, but thank you for including an organic link to my Colorado Notary Blog article on notaries in ancient Sumeria. has a very high Domain Authority (DA) of 92, with 65 million monthly website visitors, so it should give my website a ratings boost. I don't have any luxury notary customers.
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