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Re: SCORE:"Here are four daily habits to help move your business
Posted by Luckydog of FL on 2/9/19 1:43pm Msg #603021
Many have been posting for weeks about your links, and you still continue to post links. Why are you doing that? I tried being your friend again, and still, you are a difficult person in many ways. You are who you are, and that is fine. Many crayons in this NR box, and as much as you think you are that sharpest one, you are not. You know darn well when you post ANOTHER link it's going to create a rise.

Why not try a new approach to state an opinion? Why not make a personal statement about an experience you have and share it? You are so tightly locked up, you make it very difficult for anyone to know who you are or even like you because you present this superior attitude. If you post a link, copy and paste something, state why you feel it's relevant and make a personal statement about it. That's all.
Many people who post on here are not liked, including myself, but the difference is, I will state my opinion and defend it. You have to respect anyone who does that, even if you disagree with them. Even if Bear Paw got in a car wreck, I would stop and help her out (and everyone knows how we get along). Nothing is personal, it's just opinions, and you need to get one.

Unfortunately each day your feedback is getting more and more direct because you're not comprehending what the forum masses are telling you. Try something new. Come off that pedestal, see your mistakes. We are all very forgiving here, trust me...I have been there and done that forgave and have been forgiven, and that is what makes us human. You can be accepted, just crack that shell of yours and come down a few notches and let people in. jmo

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