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I suppose if you're doing something wrong......
Posted by  Scriba/NM of NM on 5/14/19 2:42pm Msg #606425
Look, when you walk out on the street your face usually goes with you. People look at your face unless you are wearing (a) a ski mask, (b) a hoodie zipped up the front or (c) a burqua. You get the point. Your face is out there. Everyone can see it. There is no "privacy" of your face. You are showing it to everyone in the supermarket, in a restaurant, and everywhere. So what? WHY don't you REALLY want someone to see your face? I would assume, if you were (a) a robber, (b) a international killer, (c) having an illicit affair - you get it. Want privacy? Stay home & draw the drapes.

If people were being convicted of a crime, based SOLELY on facial recognition, that would be different. But it's merely a tool, and also used to locate missing children and adults, elderly dementia patients who have wandered away, etc.

If someone wants to facially recognize me.......have at it - they do it every day.
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