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Hello John!
Posted by BobbiCT of CT on 6/20/19 6:15am Msg #607697
At least it took ten years to get this out of Committee, through the Legislature and onto the Governor's desk.

My GUESS is that the Signing Services will seek out under informed notaries public to "get some documents signed" at low-ball fees. It's not like the Secretary of State is going to send a notice to over 50,000 notaries public in the state about this new law; it only effects a few who should have been watching what the Legislature and CT Bar Association were doing. And there's now a good State profit to be made in the fine, $5,000 fine and jail time (felony).

Side Note: Title Insurance Policies insuring Connecticut property have always been required to be signed by an attorney admitted to practice law in CT. Personal Opinion: My GUESS is this was also aimed at stopping any out-of-state title insurance companies that insured property on the "fringe"; i.e., had a CT lawyer signature but no feet-on-the-State-ground involvement.
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