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Re: CT Attorney Only State
Posted by  VT_Syrup of VT on 6/20/19 7:01am Msg #607702
It would be interesting to see any video of the committee hearings to figure out what they were thinking.

It isn't going to be easy to figure out what it means to conduct a closing. The first scenario that pops to mind is John has a little vacant land that he inherited years ago, and he wants to sell it to the person who lives next to it, Mary, for a nominal amount, say $2000. So John and Mary write up a deed, call a mobile notary, sit down at Mary's kitchen table, and do the deal. No mortgage, no title insurance, but there is consideration. So is this law really depriving John and Mary from conducting their legal affairs without a lawyer? If the state tried to prosecute, who would they prosecute? John? Mary? The notary? The notary certainly didn't conduct the closing, John and Mary did.

Another question is whether a CT attorney could have a paralegal, supervised by the attorney through training, regular meetings, and telephone availability for questions, conduct the closing.
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