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This is the email I received on 8/19th
Posted by Yoli/CA of CA on 8/21/19 11:32am Msg #609492
from email addy mcuevas(dot)atrlaw(at)


I found you here on (numbers site). I work with Linksignings(dot)com and would like to add you to our contact list of local notaries in the area.

We have a few thousand auto dealerships nationwide that trust us to link them with a local notary for their client that is signing vehicle purchase contracts offsite and away from the dealership. As such, a notary is needed to verify the customers identity and to prevent fraud.

Let me know if you're If you are interested in receiving mobile notary appointments, so i can send our portal link to sign in and register with your details.


The Linksignings(dot)com was an active link which I did NOT click on. Rather, I Googled that company and called them. They were unaware of Mary Cuevas or that email going out. They did, however, explain how they operate and invited me to sign up with them directly through their website.

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