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"We are so busy, we will definitely be calling you" said the
Posted by grapebed of MO on 9/11/19 6:52pm Msg #610124
excited rep from Old Republic Title. I have closed many HELOC's for them over the past 7 years. We need you tomorrow to close a refi. "I am going to pay you extra because its last minute" she said bursting with enthusiasm. " And there are no faxbacks!" She was so proud of herself.

The last time I did a refi for ORT my fee was a $100, so I was assuming she was going to offer $125.00.
"I can pay you $90.00, which is $5.00 above our standard fee of $85.00" Are you kidding me? I said that my minimum fee for a standard package is a $100. I told her that my fee for last minute assignments is $120, so I will have to decline this assignment". She met my $120 fee. I will do the assignment. However, I have zero enthusiasm for working for ORT ( or the vast majority of lenders/tc's). The business has gone down the drain. There is definitely price-fixing going on.

I have both arms and one foot out of the loan signing biz.

GNW is easier, more profitable, less time consuming and has very little frustration. If I can do a handful of quality loan assignments a month, that's works for me.
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