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Re: The Closing Group SS in 2019. G/B/U?
Posted by  JanetK_CA of CA on 11/4/19 6:02pm Msg #611935
Just a slight qualification about putting it all out there. When it comes to NPPI, I think all would agree that this should *never* include your Social Security number. If a company won't accept an EIN, that's a major red flag and I wouldn't work for them. Period.

There may be differences of opinion on the next point, but I'm in the camp that, when it comes to sharing other credentials, believes that it's OK to redact some personal info. Examples might include DL number or DOB. For me, it depends on who it is that's asking. I've bent those rules for major title co's, for example, who I know have strict security measures in place and use encryption and secure websites for dealing with BOs NPPI. For a signing service that thinks nothing of sending BO docs via PDF, how secure are they going to keep my own NPPI? I'm not going to risk finding out...

Title and escrow companies at least have to be regulated by the states where they do business. That's not the case with signing services. We regularly see posts about some ss owners who've been operating dishonestly for many years (some under a series of different names) and getting away with it because the vast majority aren't big enough to get the attention of, or fall outside the jurisdiction of, law enforcement.
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