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Any complaints?
Posted by Signerbill of CA on 1/14/20 3:41pm Msg #614620
So I got to do three re-signs this morning... mainly bits and pieces missed.... 2 were really bent to have to be put thru this again... Interesting comments about their first experiences... "she's late", dressed like he slept in the car", " could not answer a 3 day date Q", etc., etc., from all three. Seems like I am getting a lot of these stories for either production (T/E) or past Notary contact.
Am I alone in this?
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 Any complaints? - Signerbill on 1/14/20 3:41pm
 One of my clients yesterday said that another notary -  Cheryl Elliott on 1/14/20 3:50pm
 Re: One of my clients yesterday said that another notary - Luckydog on 1/14/20 9:45pm
 I hear a lot of stories about "the other notary"..... -  MW/VA on 1/14/20 5:14pm
 Re: I hear a lot of stories about "the other notary"..... - pdl/cali on 1/14/20 7:13pm
 Re: I hear a lot of stories about "the other notary"..... -  Claudine Osborne on 1/14/20 8:54pm
 OMG! I don't want to do something I like ... - BearPaw/CO on 1/14/20 9:22pm
 A few days ago... - Kellosh/CA on 1/14/20 11:26pm
 Re: A few days ago... - JanetK_CA on 1/15/20 12:04am
 They probably do it all at home later n/m - Luckydog on 1/15/20 12:29pm
 Yes, I actually do all my notary work after the fact. n/m -  MW/VA on 1/15/20 2:06pm
 That's illegal in FL-must notarize in front of signers n/m - Linda_H/FL on 1/15/20 2:49pm
 Many newbies do it anyway n/m - Luckydog on 1/15/20 3:41pm
 Re: Many newbies do it anyway - desktopfull on 1/16/20 4:14pm
 Don't know, but they do it anyway. - Luckydog on 1/16/20 8:05pm
 Must notarize in front of signers in CA also. n/m -  Yoli/CA on 1/15/20 3:59pm
 Re: Back in hey day of refis, someone did this - Carolyn Bodley on 1/19/20 8:28am
 Re: A few days ago... - NK_UT on 1/15/20 4:47pm
 Re: A few days ago... - Luckydog on 1/16/20 9:00pm
 Re: I was there for a resign. If BOs began telling stories - Carolyn Bodley on 1/18/20 9:49pm

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