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Absolutely nuts
Posted by zetetic/IN of IN on 6/28/20 2:06pm Msg #621500
No lender will have instruments ready by July 1st. They don't even know about it. Borrowers certainly won't know to have someone unrelated to them available for the signing.

No notification from the Indiana Department of Insurance or the Secretary of State regarding this change or how to implement it. No notifications from any of the title companies I work with except Meridian Title on Friday.

I wrote to my state senator to explain how the addition of a witness not related to or involved in the signing adds a lot of additional complexity and liability.

Hopefully, it's a clerical error that can be addressed and no penalties will result from noncompliance but we can't take that chance. Meridian has stated a witness certificate must be attached to recordable docs beginning July 1st. But what kind of certificate and what is acceptable? We're not attorneys.
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