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Best Excuse Ever!!
Posted by Art_FL of PA on 7/3/20 10:32am Msg #621682
If you do enough closings it is inevitable that you run late. Not enough space here to enumerate them all. An experienced closer can always come up with a plausible excuse to explain a late arrival.

Yesterday I had a 4 PM & a 5:30 PM 1 mile apart, but the 5:30 people couldn't meet earlier. I decided to take a walk in the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. There is a 1/2 mile 6' wide raised boardwalk through a Cypress Swamp with continuous protective fencing to keep visitors from entering the swamp. Just when I was about 30' from the end & the parking lot, my path was blocked by a 5' alligator who had no intention of moving, he just laid across the boardwalk with his mouth open.

I had to turn and walk back the entrance. I took pictures to show to the borrowers if they questioned why I was late.
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 Best Excuse Ever!! - Art_FL on 7/3/20 10:32am
 that's crazy!! n/m - CST on 7/3/20 10:52am
 And you've got a pic to prove it! Yep, best ever excuse. n/m - Lee/AR on 7/3/20 10:57am
 Re: Best Excuse Ever!! - Luckydog on 7/3/20 2:36pm
 Re: Best Excuse Ever!! -  VT_Syrup on 7/4/20 6:43am
 Wow! This is why I have no interest in living in FL! LOL n/m -  MW/VA on 7/4/20 9:52am
 We had one in our front pasture several years ago - Linda_H/FL on 7/4/20 9:56am
 Re: We had one in our front pasture several years ago - Luckydog on 7/4/20 12:13pm
 What a Kodak moment! Hope you snapped a few pics! n/m -  Cheryl Elliott on 7/4/20 11:10am
 Can't imagine any better reason for social distancing! - NVLSlady/VA on 7/6/20 4:32pm

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