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Hire Notary- worth $48/year?
Posted by Patricia Wagner of CA on 7/9/20 1:30pm Msg #621837
Has anyone had experience with Hire Is it worth the $48/yr. registration fee? Thanks! Trish
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 Hire Notary- worth $48/year? - Patricia Wagner on 7/9/20 1:30pm
 NO!!! For what??? n/m - Calnotary on 7/9/20 1:36pm
 Re: NO!!! For what??? - Patricia Wagner on 7/9/20 7:11pm
 Re: NO!!! For what??? - Luckydog on 7/9/20 7:35pm
 Re: Hire Notary- worth $48/year? Try & see. Then let us know - Lee/AR on 7/9/20 2:55pm
 FIRE NOTARY. Donate the $48 to charity. n/m - grapebed on 7/9/20 5:27pm
 Re: Hire Notary- worth $48/year? Try & see. Then let us know - Patricia Wagner on 7/9/20 7:12pm
 Don't waste your money! n/m -  MW/VA on 7/9/20 6:50pm

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