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met an adult child today,
Posted by CST of IA on 7/10/20 8:22pm Msg #621904
the company asked me to discuss signing at a different time because I had 2 other jobs scheduled so impossible to meet his 9 am only demand. I explained that to him. called the company and said he will not consider any time but 9 am. I told him they would find another notary. Well...they didn't.

Got a call from Quicken Loans...oh boy what did I do. He was complaining that I never showed up so I explained what happened to Quicken. She connects him with me and he yells at me for not showing up despite me telling him I am low man on the totem pole, I cannot make 9 am's 9:30 now and I'm arriving at my first signing.

He had told me we had to sign at 9 am as his wife needed to go to work. I get there at 2 pm which he agreed to this time. She is in her PJs and robe with a messy bun sitting on the couch watching TV.

Dang guy was trying to bully me because I would not do what he wanted. I swear he was wearing a big diaper. Anyway, he was much nicer in person.

So I had a nice compliment today and a slam down from someone else.....the middle customer was a repeat and super nice. It was a long day of 6 hours driving with no air conditioning in my vehicle. Glad today is almost over. Back at it again tomorrow.
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